Asad Chaudhry (CMO)

Asad Chaudhry (CMO)

Asad Chaudhry (CMO) at Tabedaar, passionate about technology , humanitarian activities and eager to learn new things. Joined a computing school just to enter into the world of information technology, machine learning, and app development.
Selected as a Vice Head of Computing Society of NUCES. Hosted 6 computing events including ( Mobile App development, Web Development, Software Exhibition and etc). Soon left the computing society and joined hands with my friends to start working on mobile application development. In a small tenure , Apps Technician came into existence as a free lancing mobile application development work force.

Worked as a Web Developer at Hunehar. It is a charity organization mainly working for the education of deserving children.

Started Wall of Kindness in 2016 as a platform where underprivileged can take items of their need without begging and donors can donate things silently. Appeared in almost all national and some reputable international news programs, articles and documentaries.

Started a project named as “Reclaim Walls of Pakistan” in which different teams cleaned and painted dirty walls of the Pakistan. Along with it i have been Chief Marketing Officer at Bazeecha Trust/Ideas Institute which works for the betterment of autistic and dyslexic kids.

I have also worked as a Digital Marketing Consultant for Team UP, National Incubation Centre and IDEAS Trust.

I’m currently running a company “Code Gaga” which produces innovative & business products in the market. Code Gaga’s latest app is in the launching phase named as “Tabedaar”. Tabedaar shops on user’s behalf and delivers the product in a super speedy 1 hour time.

I can be reached through this facebook profile too. Asad Chaudhry (CMO)
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