How Do Things Work in Tabedaar

How Do Things Work in Tabedaar

What do we do at Tabedaar? Well you don’t need to know about that, let’s rephrase. How do things work in Tabedaar? Simply put, we are a bridge between people who want things delivered and people who want to deliver things. Let’s elaborate it a little further.

The first category, which utilizes our delivery services, includes; women/men (we are all for gender equality) who want to make an earning out of their wondrous culinary skills but want to avoid the hassle of getting the food delivered to their customers, working class who don’t have enough time at their hand to do grocery shopping, people who have better things to do than grocery shopping, and lazy people in general.

Now we come to the second category – delivery personnel. Who doesn’t want to make some extra cash? This is exactly what it is. You can either sign up with us as a full time delivery personnel or you can deliver for us during your free slots, whatever suits you, suits us. We connect our clients and everyone goes home happy. Now you see the picture, eh?

Rather than giving someone some money one fine day when you feel like being a generous person, we believe in providing permanent solutions, making jobs, and creating opportunities. People these days are always on a lookout for a way to earn decent money, we realized the need for a delivery service which facilitates small businesses and promotes women empowerment and entrepreneurship. Well things escalated pretty quickly over here, but that’s the motive behind our business, pinky promise.

If you know of some talented people, or any random human wasting around, or just about doing anything, who fits in any of the categories on the either side of the bridge (Tabedaar), let them know of our awesome business and how we can help them to achieve their dreams. It definitely won’t kill you to do some good, so do spread the word you’ll definitely be getting something out of it, nah just kidding, maybe just a good feeling that you get after helping someone out and trust me it’s the best feeling in the world.

So, don’t hold back and lets part ways on a phrase from Shia LaBeouf’s scripted motivational speech – JUST DO IT!


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