Ramazan aya – Roza rakho g!

Ramazan aya – Roza rakho g!

So Ramzan is just around the corner, and being the good Muslims we are, we have already started dreaming about the Iftar table. As embarrassing as it sounds, this is the one common thing we all look forward to during the whole day (#Bhookar). But this is where the story gets sad – so very sad. Living amongst us, are some lads and ladies, for whom even thinking about good iftari is a taboo. They can’t allow themselves to delve in such desires, because this will shove them to the brink of insanity, yes, food can do that to you. We are talking about hostelites or people living life away from their families due to some crazy reason, I mean how do they manage, the thought of it alone makes me run for the hills.

We have all heard our fill of stories about hostelites and “the worse than Jail food” they have to eat. I mean we get it that the food served is not so good, but BOY do they twist the stories! I literally imagine a Jalebi in my head whenever I’m going through the torture of listening to my friend’s version of “Gordon Ramsay roasts Chef Chacha”.

So as you can imagine, we being the problem solvers came up with an idea that might finally put a stop to your friend’s constant whining – KILL THEM!

We partnered with PaitPooja and got them on board to help us with making Ramazan better for our fellow Islamabadians. During the meeting we had one thing in our head, as clear as day – to make the package a perfect mix of affordable and delicious.

So y’all out there, we have you covered, because we feel for you and the people near you who have to bear your existence and your rants on a daily basis. So there are three packages to choose from, ranging between 150 Rs. to 250 Rs. Now no need to get all emotional, just tell your fellow broke and not-so-broke friends about the Ramazan Iftar Package.

With the Iftari scene all sorted out, we recommend you hold the reins and steer your life towards the road of becoming a better person than you were yesterday. Make this Ramazan something other than just starving and overeating. Shaitaan is soon getting his annual jail time trip, just try to make sure you don’t find yourself in the same neighborhood once you land in the hereafter. Forget Gordon Ramsay roasts, we’re talking Eternal Roasts. On a farewell note, I’d like to remind you of something you should never forget, because something’s aren’t meant to be forgotten.

Ha! This never gets old, does it?


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