Spreading happiness in Ramzan

Spreading happiness in Ramzan

We’re well into Ramzan, and many amongst us are shamelessly loading up on the carbs, no offence intended – I mean YOLO! Flipping some rocks, you can come around some who are grabbing hold of the opportunity in full swing, and getting rid of the fat they’ve been accumulating over the time. It’s very human of us that Ramzan always becomes about food, one way or the other. So much of the day is spent daydreaming about the many dishes you’d like to have at Iftari. Overeating is hence the result, making movement in the Maghrib Salah a tedious task. One very common thing seen all over, is the wastage of food. People go to extremes when it comes to setting the table for Iftar Parties or even plain old Iftari’s at home. The eyes are unsatiated with just a few dishes, and meals upon meals are cooked and placed on the dinner table. Some #paitoos without a doubt, devour the dishes in no time, there are others who fill themselves up to their throats with cold drinks.
While there are people literally going through “death by food” in this side of the world, there are many who can’t provide any food for their families at Iftar. We are so engrossed in our own lives that we fail to see the truly hungry and needy people. What do we know about a fast which is opened and closed with plain water, but the head still bows before the Almighty with heart brimmed with gratitude? If our fast is not teaching us gratitude and the importance of charity, does Allah really need our abstinence from food and water? If you find it in your heart, let’s join hands and make Iftar better for others around us.

Wall of kindness has been spreading kindness, and like before, Tabedaar has collaborated with them this year as well. We’ll be their delivery partner in a charitable cause, in which they have packaged a Ration Box worth 2000 Rs. containing all the ingredients needed to make Ifftari, and which will last the whole month of Ramzan. To contribute in this noble cause, contact Team Tabedaar. Let’s make this Ramzan about sharing and caring, as fortune comes with a great responsibility.


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